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Answer: Chandler When the Friends believe that the group may have to split up, Phoebe and Rachel conspire to form a separate group by themselves, but Phoebe insists that Joey be invited to their new group as well. Joey and Rachel continue to date, but can't make it past kissing. For the next few episodes, Joey's feeling become stronger and stronger. Joey did not have romantic feelings for Phoebe. He filmed a role in a Law & Order episode that was cut from the completed episode—Joey was only "seen" as a corpse in a body bag. He moved apartment(s) four times in the series. It’s a look that pairs all things glamorous with simple and clean styling. Joey was originally shunned by Chandler when he came in for a roommate interview (in favour of a fashion photographer, who apologetically informs Chandler that, due to his work, models will have to come to the apartment, and that his sister - a porn actress - has a beach house Chandler is welcome to use), and Joey thought Chandler was gay. Rachel becomes a waitress at Manhattan coffee house Central Perk; when not there, the group is usually at Monica and Rachel's nearby West Village apartment, or Joey and Chandler's across the hall. While Rachel is in labor, Judy Geller shows up with a ring and tries to persuade Ross into proposing. In season two she becomes romantically interested in Joey and has a crush on him for a long period. The film is a World War I period film entitled Over There. While he does not seem to have a problem with his own lifestyle, he repeatedly makes sure his sisters don't go down the same path. After that she begins to develop feelings for him. Monica not liking to lose says let’s play a game. Joey is Phoebe's best male friend; they have dinner together once a month to talk about the rest of the group and Joey once tried to get Phoebe to call him 'Big Daddy' in that same episode. Joey, Ross and Chandler are huge fans of Die Hard.[25]. [10] He also did an infomercial for a device that lets you pour milk out of milk cartons; he played "Kevin", a man who had extreme difficulty opening the cartons without the use of the device. In "The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress," Ross implies that Joey eats a date's food without her permission regularly. Some of Joey's other jobs have included selling Christmas trees, dressing as Santa Claus and as a Christmas elf,[21] working as a tour guide at the Museum of Natural History where Ross worked, offering perfume samples to customers at a department store, and as a Roman warrior at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. However, the tension between Monica and Joey is at times fairly obvious, and it is made clear that the two have a very close, almost intimate, relationship, though it is never consummated on the show. Modsy believes Rachel Green would deploy a “Less is More Chic” aesthetic, and given the apartment a more modern, glam feel. This idea was revisited in Season 7 when it is revealed that Monica initially meant to hit on Joey in London, and not Chandler. He sleeps with many of the interns and extras on shows on which he works. Joey and Chandler have remained best friends ever since. Joey allowed Monica to hire and fire him to prove to her employees that she was not a pushover. Mary Teresa (Christina Ricci on Joey), Mary Angela (Holly Gagnier), Dina (Marla Sokoloff), Gina (K.J. Joey's first couple of days involved a brief, mutual attraction to Monica. He lets Rachel live with him when she is fighting with Ross, financially supports Monica and Chandler, and helps Phoebe find work when she is unemployed. Address: 90 Bedford St., #19 New York NY Rent: $4,200/month. However, Mr. Heckles, another building resident, lied to Chandler's originally selected roommate, causing Chandler to have to go with his second choice roommate Joey (In "The One with the Flashback" set in 1993, Joey moved in 3 years before although in "The One with All the Thanksgivings" it shows that the gang knew Joey was Chandler's roommate in 1992 and he would have been his roommate for quite some time). A long-running gag depicted Joey and Chandler occasionally fighting with each other like an old married couple. In Season 7, he later replaces Lockhart as Dr. Drake "Jessica" Ramoray. Monica hires him just so she can fire him to intimidate the other employees who pay her no respect, but he makes a lot of tips and backs out of the deal, only to realize how important his getting fired was to Monica. In the episode, "The One With Ross' Step Forward", Rachel wants to sleep with someone once since she doesn't want an actual relationship and starts coming onto Joey when she is talking to him about it. Ross basically says that he is not okay with it but he wants to be, and the two's friendship deepens due to Joey's refusal to date Rachel unless Ross okays the deal. In sports, Joey likes the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees in baseball, Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks in basketball, New York Giants and New York Jets in football, and the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers in hockey. He tries to deny these feelings because he knows that Ross and Rachel are meant to be together and Rachel carrying Ross' child makes the situation even harder. Monica and Rachel's two-bedroom apartment (where, at one time or another, each cast member took a turn living) ... Joey and Chandler's apartment, on … Throughout the series, Joey develops a complicated on-off relationship with Alex Garrett (Andrea Anders), his next-door neighbor and property manager. She finds out that whenever he gets scared whilst reading he puts the book in the freezer. His pilot does not get picked up, while Nurses becomes a huge hit. After some tension, the situation fades, but Joey's feelings remain. Her apartment basically looked like page 72 … The other times are when he and Chandler move into what is usually Monica's apartment, after winning it from her in a game in "The One with the Embryos". However, he shows a new interest in them when he learned that the film actually stars Ursula. Joey always enjoyed a close relationship with Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe; LeBlanc once speculated that Joey saw the girls as sisters more than potential romantic interests. Phoebe also has Joey locked in as a backup for her marriage. At the end of the episode, Joey is afraid that one of the characters is going to die and Rachel says 'Do you want to put it in the freezer?' In the episode "The One in Vegas", after Joey has said that no one will live in his hand-shaped mansion, he adds "Except you, Pheebs... you can live in the thumb.". In an episode where he sees how close Chandler and Monica are, he dreams of himself and Monica in the same way. This is proven to be effective when Rachel successfully uses the story on Ross.[23]. While Joey is best friends with Chandler, Ross is a close second (although Ross has been referred to as his best friend several times). Chandler and Joey are sitting at the bar, in their bathrobes, eating cereal] / JOEY: Man this is weird. He is willing to marry Phoebe and Rachel on the separate occasions he finds out that each is pregnant. At the end of season one, she and Joey become romantically involved during her separation from her husband. This proposal is apparently made entirely without romantic intentions. Joey is also the most physically powerful of the group, being able to easily push Ross over a couch with only one hand, and offering to go to the coffee house to intimidate two bullies into leaving Ross and Chandler alone. At a time when Joey and Chandler had problems, when Chandler had kissed Joey's girlfriend, Joey stopped acting as Chandler's best friend and replaced him with Ross, although this only lasted until Chandler spent Thanksgiving in a box in order to show his remorse and apologize to him. Sometime prior to the start of the series, Joey also had appeared in a porn film, as a fully clothed extra. However, things change course when Joey wants to nibble at her chocolate torte. [9] Monica and Chandler also once discussed having seen Joey in a version of Macbeth, in which he was unable to pronounce most of the words. Joey and chandler than gets 6 guesses to guess what was in Rachel’s bag and won. [Time lapse. He is a Stephen King fan, having read The Shining several times, as well as being a fan of the film adaptation of one of King's novels, Cujo. However, his acting career has had some better moments. They continue their relationship for several episodes and gain Ross' approval after he realizes that it has been six years since his relationship with Rachel ended, and he should move on from that. In Joey, it is revealed that Joey's character of Dr. Drake Ramoray dies again on Days of Our Lives where he is stabbed by a nurse ("Joey and the Wrong Name"). Every time Joey would slide his hand across Rachel's thigh, she would slap it away, and Joey could not manage to get Rachel's bra open. [16], In Season 7, Joey auditions for the role of Dr. Striker Ramoray, a new character on "Days of Our Lives" and Drake Ramoray's brother, but he doesn't get that role. Chandler begins to dislike the Joseph character when he starts showing up Chandler at work. Joey and Chandler's Apartment in Friends kitchen - Scene Therapy The Plan How To Plan Apartment Floor Plans House Floor Plans Gilmore Girls The Sims Monica Rachel Tv Show House Friends Apartment He is a food-loving womanizer who has had more luck with dates than any of the other group members. Also, earlier in the series, after much persuading by Joey, Ross gives in and kisses him to help him practice kissing men. In Friends' best episode ever (there is no debating this), “The One with the … However, there was a fire at Phoebe's apartment and investigation showed that Rachel's hair straightener had caused it. Initially, none among the duo made any advances towards each other. However, upon discovering Joey's feelings for Rachel, Ross encourages his friend to talk to her. When the gang goes to Barbados for a convention from Ross' work, Joey finds out about Rachel's feelings, and even though he first says nothing can happen, he changes his mind when he sees Charlie and Ross kiss, and he goes back to Rachel's room to be with her. As time progresses, she begins to have fun living with Joey so much that she decides to stay with him, after Phoebe's apartment is poorly rebuilt (with one bedroom) in the season seven episode "The One With The Holiday Armadillo". [27], When Joey believes Phoebe to be pregnant, he proposes, claiming the world is too scary for a single mother. Joey gets a new roommate. Joey has seven sisters: Mary Therese (Mimi Lieber on Friends) a.k.a. When she was a surrogate mother for her brother's triplets and suddenly craved meat, Joey offered to eat no meat until the babies were born, to compensate for her consumption and, in a way, preserve her vegetarianism (no extra animals would have to be killed). In one episode, after persuasion from Rachel, he reads Little Women and she reads The Shining. Joey and Monica are close friends often joking around with each other. where he was first spotted by his talent agent Estelle Leonard. Joey had some bad luck in terms of his acting career. Phoebe is Joey's female best friend. After trying again and injuring Joey, the two decide that they are not compatible with each other. In the series finale, Joey becomes concerned over believing that Alex is planning for marriage too early in their relationship, only to become upset when she says she does not want to marry again. [Scene: Chandler and Joey's apartment. Two men are carrying a large dresser.] [Scene: The hallway between the two apartments, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel are coming up the stairs.] Season 4 - Episode 12Follow us on Twitter @FriendsScenes_Follow us on Instagram @Official.Friends.Scenes Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey lived at 90 Bedford Street in New York City, and in the first season of Friends, the number of Monica’s apartment was 5 and Chandler’s (then Joey’s, after Chandler moved in with Monica) was 4. When Phoebe asks why, Joey explains how Sarah broke his golden commandment on their date – not to share food. Step inside the redecorated apartments of Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross if they existed today. When Monica finds out that Joey "sees a friend in a different way", she assumes it to be Phoebe. He exclaims, "Joey doesn't share food", which she seems to understand. Joey and Chandler have had a lot of different furniture over the years. Soon after Chandler and Monica move out, Joey moves to LA to focus on his acting career. In Season Five, he is cast in the independent film Shutter Speed, but it is shut down before filming began in Las Vegas. I won’t discredit the size of Joey and Chandler’s apartment located across the hall from Monica’s, but I will discredit Joey’s acting career, which was comparable to gas station sushi. In "The One with the Race Car Bed", it is implied that Phoebe can hear Joey's thoughts. Joey then asks Rachel if she wants to do it and she shouts "No! In the season eight episode, "The One With The Stain", Rachel starts to look for an apartment for her and her unborn baby, who Ross is the father of, without consulting Joey first. The first time, he moved to his own lavish apartment away from Chandler (with whom the psychotic Eddie moved in) after he got the role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, though he moved back soon afterward due to his loss of the role. In the Season 5 episode "The One With All The Resolutions", Joey and Rachel kissed on New Year's Day, but this was simply part of a plan to allow Chandler and Monica to kiss despite their currently secret relationship (Joey arguing that Ross would prefer that Chandler kiss his sister rather than Joey and Ross reasoning that kissing Phoebe as the ball dropped would be less awkward than Rachel, although Rachel was less bothered than Ross). Rachel moving in with Phoebe did amazing things for her apartment thanks to that apothecary table, Sahara desk, and wicker dining chair. In contrast to his persona as the "ladies’ man", he has also a marked childish side. They dated for a week, as said by Rachel in season 10. Trivia Question: The fridge in Joey’s apartment breaks…what does he do? He regularly sleeps with attractive women, but can never seem to get into a committed relationship – judging from a conversation he had with Chandler at the latter's bachelor party he seems to regard marriage as depressing and restrictive. Joey was presumably born in 1968 as he talks about being 13 in 1981. Joey & Chandler’s (& Rachel’s) Apartment. [11] While still playing Ramoray, he also appears in a bit role as a dead man in the film Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. When she arrives, her dessert is pretty much gone; Joey, with chocolate torte all over his face, is at peace with himself, and admits that he's "not even sorry!". In "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel", Joey takes Rachel out on a "date" to raise her spirits about the fact that she won't be dating for a while. This argument culminates in them nearly marrying out of spite until they make up when he admits to her that she is the first girl he has ever wanted to marry. First of all, Joey shows character growth. Joey had high hopes for the series, however Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E was canceled halfway through its first season.

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