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You can reach out to unhappy customers who left negative reviews or social media comments to understand their concerns. As hard as it can be – return policies are super important when it comes to running your business. 67% of online shoppers say that they check a store’s return policy before deciding to make a purchase. Breakages This is a fairly obvious one and begins with checking your packaging methods. Encourage customers who make returns to fill out a form to explain what went wrong. It’s clear that creating a great return policy is important for increasing sales and building customer loyalty. Khalid Saleh. Returns. Customers who are happy with the way you handle returns are more likely to buy from you again. For instance, merchants based in California are required to post their refund policy unless they offer full cash refund, exchange, or store credit with seven days of the purchase date. Products in new condition can be returned within 15 days, and if received after, store credit will be issued. How to Set Up a Rock-Solid Ecommerce Return Policy + Free Template. If you have an FAQ page, you can also mention your return policy there and then link to the full page with all of the return policy details. This will make sure that your customer has the best sense of what he/she is ordering. The ecommerce surge of 2020 has many businesses also facing a surge of product returns. Never (ever, ever, ever) copy and paste.. An ultra-generous policy — operated and managed well — can drive growth. If your competitors aren’t offering this, you have a chance to one up them. It sets conditions, timeframes, any associate processing fees and the procedure that customers should follow when initiating an online return. Logo Maker Ensuring a quick return and refund process will keep customers coming back to your store time and time again. Why it works: Brummell’s return policy for its premium socks simplifies the process into five easy steps. When writing a no refund policy or a no return policy, the owner of the website or the person writing this section should totally be aware of what should be done and what should not. What you can learn from it: If you are selling something with a technical or electronic element, it’s a smart idea to offer reimbursement or payment of inbound shipping for defective products. When your policy is complete, make sure to link it in the footer of your website with the link text “Returns” or “Return Policy” so it is very easy to find. Create short paragraphs that discuss each of these 4 elements. Beyond those caveats, they allow returns of items in new condition when shipped within 14 days and they don’t cover the cost of return shipping. For shoppers that have more questions, they link to their FAQ and Contact pages. 69. Different return policies work for different businesses’ customers and needs. To be eligible for a return, an item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Handling returns is a huge part of managing your eCommerce business. First of all, every ecommerce store must have some kind of return policy. If you don’t offer returns of any sort, your sales could suffer. However, if you experience too much backlash via social media comments and bad reviews, then you might end up just offering the return even though the customer is in the wrong. In addition, refunds sometimes take several days to reach customers. Below is a simple template for return policies. Custom Domain Name Free shipping on orders over a certain amount can help boost sales, too. To improve your return policy, there are two main areas to focus on. (And how long they have to receive store credit?). The company does change its policy to The uncertainty that comes with online shopping makes ecommerce returns inevitable. A good return policy can also help you improve customer retention and loyalty. 16 June, 2020 How to Choose the Best eCommerce Solutions for Your Business. Of course, there are numerous factors to consider when writing such a policy, including the state legislation and legal guidelines associated with consumer protection. With a prediction of $124.1 billion in ecommerce sales this holiday season, businesses are set to see a huge influx in orders. You can have a tab for it on your main site menu, but most online retailers keep it in the footer menu. Make sure to include any other important details that are specifically relevant to your store. Here’s how to write an ecommerce return policy. But a flexible returns policy can deliver customer satisfaction and fuel increased sales over time. on your site and respond using the mobile app. Online stores receive a significantly larger number of returns than brick-and-mortar stores—30% of all products bought online are returned versus 9% of products bought in brick-and-mortar stores. The answer is up to you, and your decision on the best response will likely shift over time. Shoppers should be able to find it from the homepage or from product pages. Some signs of ecommerce return fraud are excessive loss of inventory, an above-average increase in the number of returns, and shrinking margins because of returns. If your product requires a more complex quality inspection before it can be restocked or discarded, consider having returns shipped directly from your customer to you. According to, while merchants are not required to accept returns, there are laws that require the disclosure of a refund and return policy, and it must be easily found on your online store for it be valid. If you’re selling low-priced products, you’re limited to a very small markup. About 15 to 40 percent of online purchases are returned. Every return policy template requires a quick link to print a return form and shipping label. There’s a shipping fee and a handling fee for returns so that the store is able to offer refunds without this eating into their profits substantially. People love buying goods through ecommerce retailers because it’s so convenient. Sometimes you have no idea where to start, and other times you just arent sure how to communicate your businesss boundaries in a way that doesnt alienate shoppers. Working with a 3PL means your customers’ returns can be handled by a designated staff to receive, assess, and process each item. receive a significantly larger number of returns than brick-and-mortar stores—, 30% of all products bought online are returned versus 9%. Download the PDF version of the infographic here. Why you need a return policy in ecommerce. How long do customers have to send their return in? While putting “free shipping” in your ads and a banner at the top of your website is smart, the same can’t be said for “free returns” (otherwise your return rate could go up). Manage and track everything with an advanced, integrated dashboard: from inventory, orders and fulfillment to payment and brand marketing. Ecommerce Returns Policy: An ecommerce returns policy covers the rules for what can be returned & exchanged so all customers are treated fairly. Clearly, all of these factors matter to your business. There is no one-size-fits-all return policy, but here is a general ecommerce return policy template to get you started. You can also automate the customer-facing half of the equation. You should also test out the process with your own items to see how quickly UPS employees take the package and box it up. Hiring help is also an option, though also tends to be the most expensive option. doesn’t permit returns of activated watches. Customers expect at least 30 days to return an online purchase. Jon Josef does a great job of keeping their return policy simple and to the point. Depending on where you are in your business and what your profit margins are, you should offer either free returns or returns for a low fee (between $3.99 and $8.99). When creating your policies, write plainly and politely. While there isn't a law requiring ecommerce stores to have a Return Policy, you may need one if you wish to enforce your terms and parameters of returns and refunds. Also Read- Infographics: 11 Best Practices to Manage E-commerce Returns and Refunds. Write clear and detailed product descriptions. Returnly integrates with both Shopify to streamline the returns process for merchants and customers alike by automatically processing returns and refunds. How to Choose the Right Return Policy Strategy. If you don’t take action to prevent and reduce returns, then your business can potentially lose thousands or millions of dollars each year in inventory restocking fees, unsellable inventory, and inbound shipping costs. If you would like to make a return, take a look at our policies below. You don’t want to have a policy so strict that it makes customers wary of buying from you, nor do you want an overly generous policy that encourages too many returns. Exchanges [Delete if you select Option 1]. In this guide to eCommerce returns, we cover policy creation, return reduction, and return logistics so you can protect your profits while satisfying customers. Thank you for shopping with [Business Name]. 67% of customers first check the return policy before finalizing on any purchase and over 62% of shoppers are more inclined to return the product after making a purchase. The customer is responsible for shipping costs, and the customer must email support to initiate the return. As the overall rate … Online vs instore Returns Reducing Ecommerce Returns Before we delve into your returns and exchange policy, let’s see if we can’t avoid a few in the first place! Because having words on a page doesn’t mean the entire process is automated or guarantee it will happen smoothly. You can also include a quick one-question survey in the returns process asking why a customer chose to return a certain product. For example, Amazon’s holiday return deadline is January 31 for orders shipped between November 1 and December 31. Make sure that the product pages on your website are descriptive and include high-quality, accurate product photos. You don’t have to let returns swallow your business. We allow free returns and refunds for purchases of less than 30 days. . Whereas, 58% of consumers want a hassle-free “no questions asked” return policy, and 47% want an easy-to-print return label. eCommerce store owners with a desire to scale multiple 7 or 8 figures might decide to take the hit of unsaleable returns in order to protect brand reputation. For these reasons, it can be tempting to ignore the reality of returns and exchanges and leave the mounting problem unaddressed. Before you start, let’s take a look at some return policy examples from different eCommerce stores. Why it works: This example is a little different — rather than their return policy, BAKblade automates the return process for customers. Include Your Return Policy in Confirmation Emails Be sure to create a proper returns policy based on the type of products you sell to protect you from taking a hit from too many returns in the long run. In 2016, Ecommerce Europe issued a ‘Ecommerce Benchmark & Retail’ report , which included interesting statistics on online returns in Europe. Create a Free Refund & Return Policy Generate Refund and Return Policy If you outsource retail fulfillment to a 3PL, work with them to figure out if and how they manage returns for their clients. Being able to track shipments to your customers can also help prevent fraud. To minimize this cost, offer store credit or don’t allow returns at all (until you’re ready). If your target audience is used to free returns, you’ll need to follow suit. Our return policy template can help make it easy to generate a professional, ready-to-use refund or return policy. For example. The product (s) must be in their original packaging, if applicable, in the same condition it was received. At the same time, if your business doesn’t allow returns, you run the risk of lowering your sales volume and turning off repeat customers. For example, if your product is perishable, accepting returns can create more issues than it solves — and customers are unlikely to expect you to do so in the first place. Don’t hide your policy.. You customers should never have to go on a scavenger hunt to find information on your store. Established eCommerce stores in the clothing category frequently embrace and encourage returns. If done right, they’ll increase customer trust and loyalty to your brand. When selling clothing, shoes, and certain accessories, include a sizing chart. It’s important to keep innovating your products so you can gradually lower your return rate over time. Consider showing a video of the product in use. Everything in brackets can be updated to fit your brand’s store. An Ecommerce Return Policy is the agreement where you inform customers about your policies regarding returns and refunds. Unfortunately, more orders means a greater number of returns during the first few weeks in January. Refund policy template for your website A good refund or return policy can help protect your company and win your customers’ trust, but making sure your language is clear and concise is extremely important. If you invest in your reverse supply chain, retrieving products from your customers, then you can actually save your business money. This lets you respond at a more convenient time and brings the customer back to your store. And when you consider the eCommerce business model, it is sort of inevitable. While brick-and-mortar return rates average between 8 and 10%, ecommerce return rates come in at more than double that at 20%. As you can see, you don’t need to compete with big brands like Gap and Bed Bath & Beyond that offer free returns. Create an effective return policy to run your eCommerce venture smarter, better for the best results for you and your customers. If your product is something that consumers wear (clothing or shoes) or for whatever other reason is challenging for consumers to make a decision about online, then you will likely need to offer returns. This works best if you offer the same inventory in-store and online. The cost of return shipping [will/will not] be deducted from your refund. 72% of online customers expect a refund credit within 5 days of returning merchandise. Get another opinion from a team mate, partner, fellow entrepreneur, or friend to determine ways to make the shopping experience even more transparent. Shipping costs for the original order [are/are not] refundable. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have [X] days from your order date to make a return. One of the keys to optimizing your ecommerce return policy is to make clear your returns and exchange processes. Five Tips For A Great eCommerce Return Policy. What you can learn from it: This policy is a great example for newer eCommerce stores and especially ones that don’t require trying on items. No one likes the hassle of returning products, but a closer look at the eCommerce returns process reveals that the negative implications are widespread. The Wix eCommerce platform provides businesses with all the professional tools and services they need to sell online and in-store. Your return policy can have a strong impact on your conversion rate, as well as your revenue. They also don’t allow returns of sale items. TrueNorthShop will gladly provide a merchandise refund for your order within thirty(30) days of receipt. As every seller knows returns can be like a double edge weapon: attacking profit margins; gutting conversion rates; ultimately threatening your business. A lingerie or clothing site might want to use live chat support to answer questions about fit and offer personalized advice. These two things often go hand in hand. For example, if clothing items are being returned because they are too large, you may be able to identify a potential sizing issue with your manufacturer. If you’re concerned that not offering returns will harm your sales, increase your conversion rate using professional. Refunding a customer's order can result in a loss of profitability on orders, and knowing that someone disliked your product can be disheartening for business owners that strongly believe in the benefits of what they sell. . Because eCommerce return rates vary drastically by product category, there’s no single return rate that you should accept as normal. If you don’t, you risk alienating early shoppers who are buying gifts well in advance of the holidays. The reality is that e-commerce returns can be a difficult area to navigate. Create your eCommerce website today. Here's how to write a return policy that creates a win-win situation. Fortunately, there are ways to lower your return rate. What you can learn from it: If you’re not ready to offer returns, you don’t have to. , which are handcrafted to order. The fee can be between $3.99 and $8.99 depending on the price of your products. That’s why 88% of shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important to their purchasing decision. Depending on your profit margins, you can offer free returns or require customers to pay for the inbound shipping. . Many customers will simply search online for your return policy, so make sure it’s optimized for search engines. Here are the 4 main elements to include in your return policy: , you can also mention your return policy there and then link to the full page with all of the return policy details. The chatbot prompts customers to leave their email addresses when you’re away. Do customers need to email support to initiate returns? Even in an otherwise smooth return process, waiting too long to credit a customer can hurt brand loyalty: 88% of customers would limit or stop shopping with a merchant that took too long to credit the refund.

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