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TA 2054 & 2054A have Dual 16” Fans each flowing up to 2360 CFM for a maximum total of 4720 CFM! 8 inch high performance universal electric radiator cooling fan. Radiator Cooling Performance. Natrad’s range of electric fans and high performance thermo fans provides an economical cooling solution for vehicle radiators and condensers. $69.95. Capacities to 10000 CFM, 14"SP . Our advanced, single-fan technology offers a wide range of sizes up to 30″ dia., with air flow ratings up to 10,000 cfms. Derale 12 High Output Electric Radiator Fan 2 150 Cfm. Description. Unique mounting frame has shroud molded-in for improved air flow. ... 16"ELECTRIC RADIATOR FAN HIGH 3000+CFM THERMOSTAT WIRING SWITCH RELAY KIT BLACK. Electric cooling fans are made by many different companies and all carry a CFM (Cubic Feet Minute) rating. Accessories; Dyno-Cool; H.O. Z40118 Single High CFM 16" Electric Fan & Shroud - 17 x 19 3/4 x 4 1/8. Some however, are only capable of a … These High CFM 120mm and 140mm Fans have high airflow and can be used as case fans and in desktop PC and servers, both as intake and exhaust fans. CFM - Max Airflow . Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. $45.25. 26" Wide x 18" tall x 4" deep. Pusher-style fans mount on the front of the radiator and blow air through the radiator core. SPAL fans are durable, reliable, and the choice of many NASCAR teams. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Radiator fans provide: Low profile, high performance; Economical replacement for failed OE fans; Increase in engine power and fuel saving when replacing the fan clutch and mechanical belt-driven fan assemblies These Turbo Swirl electric cooling fans are the thinnest fans available. Have a look at DEMOTOR 16″ Heavy Duty Radiator Electric Fan. These fans are designed to keep significant amounts of air flowing in large areas. Make sure you use one in your vehicle. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute so an electrical fan with a 1,500 CFM rating will push 1,500 cubic feet of air per minute. • 1,250 CFM for a 4-cylinder • 2,000 CFM for a 6-cyliner • 2,500 CFM for an 8-cylinder; Another factor that can affect the amount of airflow an electric fan is capable of moving is the current it draws. SPAL offers a variety of high performance fans perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, automotive, and/or oil cooler applications. In case you are a proud owner of a classic model like Cadillac or Ford, then you might face a hard time to pick up the right radiator fan for the car. Because the hot rods and engines of these cars demand a lot more than what other ordinary cars do. Champion Cooling 12 inch 1400cfm Electric Fan. An efficient and economical method of automotive cooling, electric fans are one of the most important cooling components on any vehicle. 4,000 CFM high-output dual electric puller fan cools efficiently and quietly. $79.95 $139.95. $39.00. Shroud is 1" larger. Sort by: 14 Inch 1400cfm Electric Fan with Spiral Blades Revisible Pull or Push Air ... 16 inch 2500cfm Electric Fan HIGH Quality LOW Cost. Hence an uninhibited frontal radiator area offers greater cooling efficiencies at highway speeds. Each fan uses approximately 22 amps with13V input. Wattage: Note the more powerful cfm fan or fans you may choose the more amp draw it will have so make sure your electrical system can handle the addition of an electric fan. Compare. Wiring harness not included. sale-38%. FRP Radial Fans. Four point mounting bracket kit. Standard Rotation; Reverse Rotation; High Performance Flex Fans. Use a fan shroud whenever possible. Learn more about the importance of using a fan and shroud with our radiators by reading our tech article. High Performance Electric Radiator Fan Kits. The difference between standard and high CFM fans … Some of these high computer CFM fans have high static pressure too and can be used on water cooling radiators and CPU heatsinks. Puller-style fans are recommended for applications in which the electric fan is the primary cooling source. Hi I was trying to find the cfm for a truck as I was looking to see what air I would need to shift for a v6-92t 350 hp in a Sherman which has no ram air effect as radiator is horizontal above engine at the rear . These high CFM fans move a lot of air and deliver the best cooling … Order Electric Radiator Fan - Universal for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. The Super Duty motor produces 3,140 cubic feet of airflow per minute (cfm) when mounted against a radiator core. This one is simple: The higher the current draw, the more airflow it has. ... Cooling fans are categorized by cubic feet per minute (cfm) ratings. Also, once the vehicle reaches around 60 kph the stronger ram air takes over and the electric fans become superfluous. This is the highest-rated CFM available from a through-the-radiator-core 16” electric fan. Both relays and fans can be controlled by the same signal method. The fan is a 10 piece flat blade type. To ensure maximum performance, all Zirgo fans offer reversible blades allowing them to operate as pushers or pullers. Add To Cart. As top automotive spare parts China electric radiator cooling fan manufacturers, we always provide and supply quality radiator fans … Reversible motor, no thermostat. 2500 cfm electric radiator fan. dual 15" inch high cfm performance electric fan & thermostat switch kit. Extreme; High Output Single RAD ... Belt Driven Fans. The thermo switch is a mechanical switching device designed to respond to changes in coolant temperature allowing the operation of the electric radiator thermo fans. Fits: Radaitors 205087, 205088 Featuring Spal Fans; Rated for applications with horsepower great than 390 When wiring an electric fan, use a … Switching from engine driven to an electric fan gains horsepower & fuel economy. Hide this content. The entire cooling system must work together to move the heat out of the engine. The available natural, non-finished aluminum shroud gives the user the freedom to polish, anodize, paint, or simply leave it raw to create a truly custom look for an affordable price. . If you plan to find a replacement radiator fan motor suitable for your vehicle, first of all, as buyers, you have to purchase high cfm radiator fan products from trusted factory. dual 15" inch electric radiator cooling fans push-in fin probe thermostat switch. Primary electric fans (pullers) are designed to mount behind the radiator and replace a factory belt-driven fan. Follow this general guideline: Was: $71.05. A general guideline to follow for cooling a stock engine is 2,500 cfm for an 8-cylinder, 2,000 cfm for a 6-cylinder, and 1,250 cfm for a 4-cylinder. Home; About Us; Services; Blog; Contact Us Vented steel shroud offers top or … Free shipping on many items ... 16" Inch Electric Radiator Fan 80w 3000+ CFM Thermostat Relay Kit. Variable-speed PWM controller. Universal Electric Fans. Some less reputable companies will make up inflated CFM numbers just to sell their product. Auxiliary electric fans (pushers) are available to mount in front of the radiator, providing extra airflow and engine cooling when needed. Uses 2 Spal, Long Life, axial motor fans. 130w High Power Motor and 3000+ CFM Air Flow. Our most popular, this 17" High Output Single RAD fan is a self-shrouded, symmetrical design with four molded mounting points. Find Fans, Electric with 3,000 cfm Maximum Fan CFM and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Motivated by a 2-speed 265 watt Bosch motor driving 11 patented skewed blades, each includes a patented ratchet mounting system for a professional installation. Zirgo's cooling fans represents the ultimate in cooling technology. So from your resaults probably need 2 10k cfm electric fans at 24v would be 120 amp . Of course, high-performance engines require more airflow. For over 40 years, turbine electric high performance 12- & 24-volt cooling fans for over the road trucks and tractors are still the world’s largest commercial assemblies. `68-`72 350, 400-430-455 Special, Skylark and GS, `71-`76 350, 455 Full size, WITH Transmission Cooler and Dual Electric Fans. SPAL electric fans and accessories are built to meet the most rigorous cooling requirements needed for today’s high performance automotive applications. PWR Thermo Switch Switching control is achieved through a bimetal alloy leaf, which deflects with changes in temperature opening and closing a set of contacts. The Super Duty fan motor requires a high-amp alternator and Be Cool’s 40-amp waterproof relay to produce peak performance and durability. Large 16"-17" Inch Reversible Electric Cooling Fans. Electric fans are available in pusher or puller designs. Our range includes fans for passenger vehicles and high-performance models with up to 3100 CFM. Get the best deals on 3000 CFM Car & Truck Fans & Kits when you shop the largest online selection at Dynamic X2 Gp 12 Fractal Design. Puller-style fans mount behind the radiator and draw air through the core. The motor is reversible and the fan is 12 Volt 3 Amp 860 RPM and 1700 CFM. These dual high output electric fans are some of the most proven and reliable fans available, generating the most real-world airflow in the smallest package. Radiator Fans For Effective Engine Cooling. Electric Cooling Fans; Sort by: Electric Cooling Fans. Electric Radiator Fans: High-Performance Cooling Fans. Manufacturers rate fans by CFM. Most of these electric radiator fans operate in two speed modes—high or low—depending on coolant temperature. Ceiling fans with High Airflow move more than 7000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). A radiator is useless without airflow, a fan shroud helps direct air through the core. Best High Airflow Fans for PC Case.

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